Mobi topup

Mobi direct top up

For German SIM cards - Values 15 EUR - 50 EUR

Buy a mobi topup and we load your balance directly online with your prepaid mobile phone provider. You will not need to enter a topup voucher code! Instead after payment you just enter the mobile phone number to be topped up. Please pay attention to choosing the right mobil phone provider, as well as mistypings or transposed digits when entering the phone number!

VALUE   15 

Product details

Redeem information

Always ensure to choose the right mobile phone provider. The topup can only succeed if the right mobile phone provider is chosen! Your mobile phone provider may not be identical to your network provider but rather the brand or issuer of your SIM card.

After payment choose your direct topup on your Staxter Dashboard and enter the mobile phone number to be topped up. After your confirmation our system automatically takes over the topping up of your balance and will directly send the topup request to your mobile phone provider. You will not need to do anything else!

Check balance

You can easily check your balance. Enter *100# and press send. Your balance will be displayed directly on your screen within seconds. This service is free of charge.

Gift topup

Would you like to treat someone and gift a topup or simply topup the balance for another person? We would love to do this for you! For doing so choose "Gift" underneath and afterwards enter the recipients e-mail address and a salutation message. After payment we will send an e-mail tot he recipient with the link to his direct topup.